3 Ways You Can Put UX Into Practice Today

Summary: The practice of UX design isn’t easy – and it does take a bit of experimenting to get right. While it’s still a relatively new practice to many, we do have some tried and tested methods to keep you on the right path.

1. Create a persona (or personas) of your user

Create a persona, document it and stick it on the wall to constantly remind yourself who your user group is and who you are designing for.

2. Consider UX design right from the beginning of your next project

Save time and resources by introducing UX to your clients at an early stage.

Bring them into the UX way of thinking by getting them to think about goals and asking them to contribute to the identification of key users.

This helps the client think about the website from their audiences’ view (rather than their point of view) and gets them into the same mindset as you.

This collaborative relationship between you, your client and users is the key in getting UX right

3. Re-assess old projects with users in mind

Look at a couple of previous client projects and reflect on the goals they were trying to achieve and ask the following:

  • Did the projects meet the desired goals?
  • Were they user focused?
  • If not, what do you think could have been better to improve the UX?

This is a great exercise to get you in the right mindset for future projects.

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